The Scarecrows


The Scarecrows is the story of a dying Japanese village and its struggle for survival as the remaining 27 residents use peculiar methods of re-population to save the village from fading into the landscape forever.

The film was shot in Japan and is currently in the late post-production stage. Working with a mixed European/Japanese crew, we gained intimate access to the colorful inhabitants of Nagoro village, deep in the mountains of Shikoku island.

Director/Camera: Daniel Hodgson
Producer: JRV Alcamo
Assistant Producers: Mariana Torii, Hiromi Tanoue
Editor: Chiara Armentano
Sound Recording and Design: Rebeca Alvaro
Sound Design and Mix: Guy Dowsett
Colour Grade: Nigel Tadyanhondo
Graphic Design: Viktors Mihalevs