Eating disorders are mental illnesses that attack the body. They turn food into a nightmare.

mint. explores the nightmarish experience of binging. The anorexic and bulimic voices – ana and mia – threaten to capture their victim and keep her hostage in the darkest corners of her own mind. She fights back and finds relief in the mindful sucking of a mint.

Breaking the vicious cycle of binging and purging is key to fighting against bulimia. This is one experience of that fight.

This film resulted in an ongoing collaboration of the team and the Channel 4 Random Acts film The Pool.

Director/co-Producer: Julia Alcamo
Producer: Kieran Luxton
Choreography: Danny Foster
Starring: Sarah Cribdon, Sophie Strawbridge, and Megan Young
Director of Photography: Bailey Langford
Edit: Nic Galea
Sound Design: Mark Harris